Izmir University of Economics Hospital


We aim to realize Izmir University of Economics, Hospital and Research Center that convenient to the curriculum which serves undergraduate and postgraduate education in the healthcare area. For this reason, hospital construction that placed 600 far from main campus is started and planned to finish in a short time for the medical faculty students to realize the clinical education in the hospital. The health care delivery system, that includes emphasizing patient safety, assessing the patients in a holistic approach, making risk management, monitoring and measuring of every step of health care delivery, is planned in Izmir University of Economics, Hospital and Research Center.

This teaching hospital has been designed as four blocks which are physically connected and training and research areas are integrated with health care delivery system has been structured. There are two conference halls, fourteen classrooms, about thousand square meters training laboratories, about six hundreds square meter research laboratories and training areas into the wards.
The teaching hospital is aimed to realize the healthcare delivery with 238-bed capacity, 58 intensive care units, 10 operating rooms, 4 delivery units that structured as LDRP (Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum) units, Medical Oncology, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Medical Aesthetic Centers into ~29000m2 closed area. Faculty of Medicine adopts the applications emphasizing patient safety and patient focused. For this reason, The Lean Approach Principle is based on design and construction of the Hospital and Research Center. Health care delivery is facilitated and standardized in terms of quality by evaluating every step of the health delivery according to the patients eyes and eliminating waste procedures. Ensuring of the requirement for the national and international hospital standardization is adopted as the minimum standards in the planning of the hospital functioning. We decided to utilize electronic medical record functions at Stage 7 EMRAM (Electronic Medical Health Recording Adaptation Model) for achieving of our targets about that the health care delivery is patient focused, patient safety, care continuity and risk management.