Our Health Care Perspective


As the members of the IUEFoM team we advocate and aim to establish a high quality and integrated model of healthcare system that is delivered by highly qualified staff and governed by evidence based politics while keeping the patients’ needs in its centre. This healthcare perspective can be summarized as:


Health Protection:

The main objective of health care services should be protecting, promoting and maintaining health and well-being, and to prevent disease, and disability. We believe that a comprehensive academic healthcare centre should have a powerful preventive medicine program. Therefore, a “Healthy Living Consulting Platform” will be one of our main themes.
Chronic complex diseases like heart failure, diabetes, stroke, and cancer account for some of the most common health problems in our country, as it has been in all over the world. Yet many of these chronic diseases are preventable, as they are linked to poor diet and lifestyle choices including tobacco use and inadequate physical activity. The “Healthy Living Consulting Program” will focus on maintaining and promoting health, and to prevent diseases with a personalized and risk-based approach.

Patient Centered, Integrated and Uninterrupted Service:

We aim to deliver hospital care in a “healing environment”. That is why we are working on a therapeutic hospital design and a lean hospital flow system that will minimize the “hospital distress” caused by the unnecessary load that today’s hospital systems place on patients and families. But whatever we do, we believe that no hospital can provide the comfort of patients’ own home. That is why we are planning to develop a continuum of care by bridging hospital care with home care, rendering frequent hospital visits unnecessary. Electronic health records, tele-medicine facility, and wearable technologies will make a continuous information flow possible among qualified health care professionals. This will provide a 7/24 uninterrupted health service to determine the needs of the patient, monitor the clinical course and define treatment responses.

Theraputic Hospital:

We aim execute hospital services in a "healing environment". For this, we are working on the "therapeutic hospital" model with lean hospital flow system and physical conditions that will minimize the unnecessary hospital stress which is caused by widespread conventional hospital systems.

Patient Reported Outcomes:

We aim to monitor patient-reported outcomes at all areas of service development. Though medical technology allows to measure physical, physiological or biochemical data of the patient, however only patients can tell many things like thoughts, complaints, opinions. In some diseases survival is not the ultimate goal of the treatment but quality of life also plays an essential role in the treatment, e.g. advanced cancer treatment. Therefore, patient-reported outcomes are gaining the importance in clinical world.

Personalized Medicine:

The vision of the IUE Hospital is creating a contemporary model in health care delivery model based on a comprehensive patient-centered and integrated health care delivery system. Integrated health services encompass delivery of quality and safe health services so that people receive a continuum of health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, disease-management, rehabilitation and palliative care services, through the different levels and sites of care within the health system, and according to their needs throughout the life course.

Patient Safety:

Healthcare should always follow the “First Do No Harm” principle. Although no health care provider intends to harm patients, there is overwhelming evidence originating from research done in developed countries that significant numbers of patients are harmed because of unsafe-not adequately controlled medical practices which results in prolonged hospital stay, extra medical interventions, permanent injury, and even death. That is why “Patient Safety Program” is one of the top priorities for a high-quality health care service.

Holistic and Interdisciplinary Approach:

Health care delivery systems are in the midst of a dramatic change worldwide. Although hospitals are equipped with emerging new technologies, new medications and new approaches for diagnosis and treatment, current healthcare delivery systems have been failing to provide an optimum holistic care, particularly for people having chronic complex diseases. These patients and their families usually get lost within the widely available “fragmented health care approach”. They need to have easy access to a variety of different expertise areas of medicine during the course of diagnosis, treatment and follow up. Integration of these expertise areas within interdisciplinary healthcare teams is essential for better therapy outcomes and a good quality of life.
We aim to provide the best possible patient experience and clinical outcomes, emphasizing the quality of life both in acute and chronic disease management. The academic medical center’s health care delivery system will follow an interdisciplinary team approach, where health care professionals from different disciplines collaborate not only to “cure the disease”, but also to manage the biopsychosocial problems of the patients with a “holistic” approach.


In conclusion, we overall stand for a patient-centered and high quality integrated health care delivery model which is built on evidence-based policies, having qualified and motivated health professionals, using safe medical practice guidelines, empowered by hi-tech diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, and backed by a translational research team.