Assessment and Evaluation


The assessment and evaluation characteristics of the Phase 1 and 2 courses defined as follows.
The evaluation of student success in the scientific basis of medicine will be done through various measurement methods, which will be performed during and at the end of each semester. The main goal is to consider not only the exams but all activities of students performed within the semester, in the assessment and evaluation. The planned measurement methods to be used are:

(Literature review, reading book, observation reports, etc.)

(Personal achievements; reflections, congress attendance, conference monitoring, research participation, presentation of papers, training events, etc.)

The evaluation of technical skills and procedures component of Clinical Basis of Medicine Course is based on "competence" in Phase 1. Students are expected to be competent in each procedure. They apply the procedure under supervision.

At the end of Phase 2, students will be required to demonstrate their competence in all clinical skills program components addressed up to that point in the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) examination, which is an integrated assessment.

Human, Society & Planet courses consist of professionalism, bioethics and law, planetary health, medical experiences and patient safety, and both the exams and the portfolio measurements will contribute to the evaluation process in proportion to their contribution.

Each of the clinical applications to be performed in Phase 3 will be measured separately. Here, written exams for information measurement, OSCE-like exams for clinical skills measurement, and portfolio for in-process activities will be the parts of evaluation.

Phase 4 includes one year of training, which is based on ''competence''. Every transaction made by the student in this evaluation will be recorded to the activity report card. Report cards and portfolios will be evaluated.

Our most important principle is to involve all achievements of the students to the evaluation process.