Personalized Education


Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Medicine Research Track (IUE FOM RT)


The purpose of FOM RT is to encourage medical students to participate in nationally- and internationally-supported on-going scientific research activities led by the faculty members. The RT is designed to allow students to be a part of a research team over four years in their 6-year medical education. The 1st and the 6th years are not included in RT on purpose due to their usual academic and clinical workloads, respectively. RT performance will not be graded formally in order to promote individual willingness to participate. Students’ completion of the RT program may have several outcomes such as being a co-author of a resultant written scientific communication based on their significant contribution, recognized in Medical Students Performance Evaluation (MSPE) and transcript as well as being specially acknowledged during the graduation ceremony.

The overall goal of the RT program is to provide a multidisciplinary research environment for students willing to become a physician-scientist in translational medicine.


What is a “track” in the Faculty of Medicine?


A track is a set of extracurricular activities that focuses on general areas of interest that lie outside the scope of any specific clinical specialty. Tracks involve activity outside of the regular school of medicine schedule during semesters, and extend through three years of medical school on a longitudinal basis. Medical students with an interest of special areas may elect to participate in a track. Tracks provide additional opportunities to enhance learning and practice for students through tailored clinical and research experiences, and sponsored mentored projects. Participation in a track is not required of all students. Examples include the Community Track, and Research Track at the Medical School of İzmir University of Economics.


What is the purpose of the Community Track?


The purpose of the Community Track is to provide students with knowledge, experience, skills and mentorship, within the classroom and outdoors, in human and society based social projects within health care systems. Students who get involved in the community track will gain vision in social, cultural and economic determinants of health, and, skills to work effectively in their communities to promote health.

A versatile career with the help of a next generation medical education concept…

A portfolio is a “purposeful collection of student’s work that exhibits the student’s efforts, progress and achievements in one or more areas.” (1). A portfolio allows an individual to define who and where they are on the journey to becoming a fully trained medical practitioner (2). It is also a tool that enables students to showcase their evidence of achievement of the competencies and evidence of best medical practices to another person. It differs from a CV by its depth, detail and structure. With the help of the portfolio, our students will keep a track of how much and to what extent they have achieved specific learning outcomes, assess their capabilities and thus support commitment to life-long learning.
Portfolios are made up of a wide range of documentation of evidences regarding your experiences, skills, training, knowledge, professionalism and attributes. These evidences can include and may contain many more in addition to the followings;


all of which are added to your portfolios as an evidence of learning, achievement and improvement.


Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Medicine Portfolio (IUEFoM Portfolio)


In order to assess our students’ achievements, observe their progress and encourage best practices, İzmir University of Economics Faculty of Medicine has fostered the use of portfolios in the Medical Curriculum. There are 3 components of the IUEFoM Portfolio:

A “Course Portfolio” that will make up a certain percentage of the course final note;
2) A“Track Portfolio”where students collect their best evidences to apply to either a “Research Track” or “Social Track”;
3) A “Graduation Portfolio”in which they will collect their best evidences regarding best medical practices and skills.

​ IUEFoM Portfolio will be built on the E-Medicine Platform. And will be assessed at certain intervals.

The aim of the IUEFoM Portfolio is; to assess the students’ different interests, skills and experiences and allow them to achieve their competencies in a more personalized way and help them to boost their potentials to their highest. Instead of comparing students with each other, the IUEFoM Portfolio will contribute to the improvement of the students according to their own features.



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