Career Opportunities


The graduates of the medical school can work as a “medical doctor” either at public or private health institutions or organizations after completing the obligatory public (community) service. After graduating from medical school, they can work as a general practitioner at various diagnostic and therapeutic health care services including primary health care organizations, public or private hospitals or clinics, private offices, rehabilitation centres, home care organizations, etc.


Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services in Medical Establishments

Most of the graduates of the medical schools are interested in getting specialized on one of the medical disciplines. In that case, they have to take the TUS exam (Examination for Specialty in Medicine) given by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Centre). If their score qualifies for a given medical specialty, they need to get a specialization education and training which lasts 3 to 5 years, depending the area of interest. They work as a paid research assistant during this education and training, and the obligatory public (community) service is cancelled until they complete their education. If they are successful at the medical specialization exam, they get a “Specialist Physician” degree. If a specialist wants to be further specialized (sub-specialization) on her/his major area of specialization, like an internal medicine specialist getting sub-specialization on oncology, she/he needs to take another 2-3 year education, which is possible f the specialist gets the required score at the YDUS exam (Examination for Sub-specialty in Medicine) given by ÖSYM. Specialist (attending) physicians can work at secondary or tertiary health care centres, public or private hospitals, clinics, and at a variety of health organizations. They can also get administrative positions at health care facilities.


Academic Career :
Academic carrier is another option. Specialist physicians who meets the criteria of the institution can carry on her/his carrier as an academic physician. In that case, the physicians have the chance to work on three different areas of medicine: (1)Undergraduate and postgraduate medical education (2) Health care service (patient care) in a teaching hospital (3) Research in medicine .

Career as a Researcher and Consultant for Medical R&D Area :
Medical faculty graduates can also be employed by medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, as well as companies working on health technologies. The pharmaceutical companies offer job positions for medical doctors either as administrative or clinical research directors for new drug development.

Manager Positions in Medical Establishments :
Medical doctors can have different professional positions including administrative jobs in a variety of health-related organizations such as Ministry of Health, health insurance institutions such as “Social Security Institution”, private health insurance companies.

PhD Option for Medical Doctors :
Another option for graduates with medical doctor diploma is doing a PhD in either basic medical sciences or interdisciplinary areas of interest. Graduates can do a PhD on basic medical sciences such as anatomy, medical biochemistry, medical microbiology, pharmacology, histology and embryology, parasitology or on interdisciplinary areas such as neuroscience, molecular medicine, biomechanics and bioengineering.

​ PhD degree is valid both domestically and internationally. Medical graduates with a PhD degree can establish an academic career, work for research centres or private companies.
Medical graduates can also choose to have a master’s degree. For example, with a master’s degree on healthcare administration and patient safety, reproductive biology one can work as a professional manager in hospitals and other healthcare establishments or in ministry of health.