Research Areas


Various research opportunities in different study areas will be available for our prospective students willing to attend the Research Track. Having different scientific backgrounds ranging from cardiovascular to cancer research, our faculty members are establishing a multidisciplinary study environment to address prevention, diagnosis and treatment of current health problems. Among these, cancer presents a unique status based on its multigenic properties as well as having altered inter-individual developmental profile.

Accordingly, recognition of the differential gene expression pattern will allow us to understand this diversity and the target validation will help us to develop specific diagnostic strategies as it represents an important part of the treatment. Age-related changes in carcinogenesis suggest us to focus on different developmental stages of human life. Therefore, aging is also among the areas of interest. In this regard, functional genomics field gives us a great opportunity to expand our knowledge in life sciences. Multi- and interdisciplinary research ecosystem within our university as well as in our geographic region will allow us to pursue our goals in research.

Details of the research areas for each faculty member can be found in here .