Anatomy Laboratory

Anatomy Laboratory is dedicated to the training of IEU students on functional anatomy, but also provides researchers resources for their projects requiring any anatomy input, such as osteological, morphometric and ergonomic studies.

Anatomy laboratory is equipped with dissection facilities and a mortuary and ossuary, as well as cutting edge audio visual equipment for real time visualization of procedures, which allows researchers to record their procedures, if needed.


Clinical Skills Laboratory


The Clinical Skills Laboratory is for teaching medical students simple and complex professional skills that are needed to be acquired before clinical courses. By using simulations, models and mannequins students will have the opportunity to practice these skills to perfection.
In this laboratory, all the necessary skills for physicians (i.e. from communication skills to physical examination) are taught on the most modern models available. In Simulation Laboratory, which is a copy of a regular polyclinic room, students acquire the skills for managing patients, techniques of physical examination and diagnostic skills under the supervision of the instructors.

With wide angle view and sound recording, students can monitor their progress and identify their weaknesses with their trainer. At the same time, with live video and sound transmission from these rooms, students can get pre-training of their skills before they try it, and they can reinforce their training and transportation again.


Multidisciplinary Laboratory

The mission of the Multidisciplinary Laboratory Shared Resource is to support clinical and preclinical training and research at IEU, as well as providing graduate research resources to Health Sciences Institute programs and research collaborators. MDL provides state-of-the-art bench space necessary for training supported with scientific equipment. In addition, our group is both faculty members and investigators within IEU Faculty of Medicine.

The MDL Shared Resource provides complete research support to interested researchers, ranging from study design consultation and methodology development, to storage, preparation and assay of samples, and data analysis. The WDML offers a variety of assays along with the capabilities to develop and validate new methods. Using brand new equipment such as Western blot, real time PCR, ultrasonic homogenizator, biosafety cabinets and incubators, inverted microscopes, ELISA reader, spectrophotometers etc., the DML provides sensitive measurements for a wide array of assays.


Microscopy Laboratory

The mission of the Microscopy Laboratory is to evaluate cells and tissues after fixation, processing and staining with special histochemical or immunohistochemical dyes under light microscopy to support training and research at IEU Faculty of Medicine.

Microscopy laboratory also allows researchers to do stereological measurements on human or animal tissues as well as cell lines. The group consists of both faculty members and investigators within IEU Faculty of Medicine and equipped with microscopes with special purposes.


Physiology Laboratory


The Physiology Laboratory includes complete Biopack system components that are designed for life science education and research applications with humans and animals. Although Biopack systems are not intended for medical applications, they could be used for research and education purposes, such as pharmacological studies of clinical materials or research including EEG, EMG, spirometers etc.




Lectures in smart classrooms equipped with Blackboard system, are recorded lectures via Panopto system for our students for future access.