Program Components


Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Medicine program is an integrated program consisting of four phases and totaling 6 years. These phases are:


The program is spiralling around 3 fields throughout the phases. These are;


The field of scientific basis of medicine is divided into biomedical sciences such as anatomy, molecular biology, physiology, histology & embryology, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and is covered by four main educational activities. These are:


"Foundations" blocks
These blocks are found at the beginning of each phase.Concepts that form the basis of the learning objectives to be addressed at the relevant phase. For example, Foundations I block is a block at the beginning of phase 1 that is covered by the molecular, genetic, developmental and cellular mechanisms of life. The following concept / organ-system blocks are built on these basic concepts. Foundations II block at the beginning of phase 2 is mainly addressed by the basic mechanisms of pathological processes, basic pharmacology and medical microbiology. In the following concept / organ-system blocks, pathological situations that are formed on these basic concepts and prototypical drugs used in treatment. In the Foundations IIIblock at the beginning of phase 3, diagnostic medicine (imaging, clinical pathology, clinical biochemistry and clinical microbiology), clinical pharmacology as well as forensic medicine will be discussed for students to use in clinical practice.


Concept / organ-system blocks
These blocks mainly deal with issues related to biomedical sciences. In the first three years (Phase 1 and 2) the curriculum is organized within the framework of concept / organ-system blocks. These blocks are shown below.


Phase 1 is normal structure and functional-oriented while Phase 2 deals with pathological processes. Phase 2deals with pathological processes.  

Research & Information Management (RIM):
Under this title, medical information, biostatistics, and evidence-based medicine are addressed. While the topics are treated in a logic order throughout the phases, they are integrated into the concept / organ-system blocks as much as possible.


Public health and epidemiology
Subjects in this area are included in the epidemiology block at the beginning of phase 2,in the concept / organ-system blocks and at the beginning of phase 1(health determinants).Students will have the opportunity to practice and apply within the scope of the public health internship in Year 6.


Program Map